consortium personnel

6 September 2011Posted by Edward Braun


The ICGWG consortium is a collaboration involving more than 20 researchers and educators from 15 universities and research institutions in the United States, Australia. and Japan. The combined expertise of the ICGWG is ideally suited to the overall project. Several members have experience working on crocodilian genetics, evolution, and genomics that span decades. For example, D. Ray, T. Glenn, L. Densmore, and C. Brochu alone have published more 30 manuscripts on crocodilian genetics and genomics since 1983. C. Moran and J. Gongora contribute expertise in crocodilian genetic mapping, MHC evolution, and transposable element biology.

Others members of the group have less experience with crocodilian biology but bring additional expertise to the table. R. E. Green is an expert in genome assembly (evidenced by his recent work on the Neanderthal genome) and he is guiding the sequencing and assembly of the crocodialian genomes. E. Braun brings expertise in genomic and molecular evolution with a special focus on archosaurs (evidenced by his contributions to the avian Tree of Life). C. Schmidt and F. McCarthy are experts at gene annotation and genome database construction. Additional expertise comes from: D. Pollock (nucleotide and protein evolution), S. Edwards (avian evolution and genomics), R. Sawyer (β-keratin and feather/scale evolution), and E. Jarvis (neurobiology and bioinformatics).

principal investigators

12 December 2011Posted by Edward Braun


Primary contacts for the project are:

Principle investigators in the ICGWG are:

  • Christopher A. Brochu, University of Iowa
  • Todd Castoe, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Scott V. Edwards, Harvard University
  • John Gatesy, University of California Riverside
  • Travis Glenn, University of Georgia
  • Jaime Gongora, University of Sydney
  • Lou Guillette, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Federico Hoffmann, Mississippi State University
  • Sally Isberg, University of Sydney
  • Erich Jarvis, Duke University
  • Satomi Kohno, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Fiona McCarthy, Mississippi State University
  • Lee Miles, University of Sydney
  • Christopher Moran, University of Sydney
  • Daniel G. Peterson, Mississippi State University
  • David Pollock, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Roger Sawyer, University of South Carolina
  • Carl Schmidt, University of Delaware
  • Eric W. Triplett, University of Florida