current genome assemblies and data

16 October 2014Posted by David Ray

The ICGWG has completed genome assemblies for three important crocodilians: Alligator mississippiensis (the American alligator), Crocodylus porosus (the Saltwater crocodile) and Indian gharial (Gavialis gangeticus), representing all three extant families of the Order Crocodylia.  These genome assembly efforts were completed by ICGWG members R E Green and J St John at UC Santa Cruz.

Transcriptome data from multiple tissues of all three taxa have also been generated and have been incorporated into the current assemblies.

data release

10 May 2012Posted by Edward Braun


Genome assemblies and the raw data are currently available for all three species at the crocgenomes ftp server.  If you use the data, please cite St John et al. (2012) until such time as the genome assembly and analysis manuscript is published in Science and respect the conditions described in the St John et al. manuscript.

  • Alligator mississippiensis [data]
  • Crocodylus porosus  [data]
  • Gavialis gangeticus [data]

We also maintain an archive of the raw data that went into the assemblies and annotations.  Those data are in the process of being archived at the Sequence Read Archive at NCBI.[data]

Finally, we have archived all of the supplementary materials necessary for interpreting the data [Supplementary data].

The same data are also archived at GigaScience [Main link][Alligator][Crocodile][Gharial]. 

Groups performing small-scale analyses sufficiently independent of those described by St John et al. (2012) are welcome to use the data. As a matter of courtesy and to avoid duplication of effort, we request that potentially competing efforts disclose their status to the ICGWG consortium (formal inquiries and requests to join the working group should be made to DA Ray; for additional details see St John et al. 2012)